Now that I know how to post I think this blog will go better.   Woke up this morning did not want to get up but that’s pretty normal.  I am going to an creativity workshop today from 1:30-3:30 pm. Than I have my therapist appointment  at 4:00 pm. and than a friend of mine is going to drive me to a AA meeting and than we are going to go out for Coffee.   Aww that’s sweet I just got a note from my Aunt. 🙂  Still working on this blog to get the information up in the different categories. Mind you right now all I want to do is sleep, but that’s ok.   I love writing and I figured the more I write the better.  

I am tired, living with anxiety is exhausting, I have started a new med to help with anxiety, it is not a specific anxiety med but a med to decrease blood pressure. It is a Beta Blocker. Not sure if its helping totally but it seems to help when I’m in panic attack mode.

The one I am taking is propranolol, though my doctor is giving it to me once a day and I think I’m suppose to take it a specific time but I think it would work better as a PR so I need to talk to my doctor about it because instructions are not clear and since I’m going back into treatment, hopefully soon, I need my meds straight because they have to follow directions. Plus they said before I get back into treatment I would have to have my anxiety meds stable because the anxiety was getting in the way of completing the addictions program, because I would have cyclical panic attacks.

“Propranolol (Inderal)

Possible Benefits. Used for short-term relief of social anxiety. May reduce some peripheral symptoms of anxiety, such as tachycardia and sweating, and general tension, can help control symptoms of stage fright and public-speaking fears, has few side effects.

Possible Disadvantages. See disadvantages-Beta-Blockers, above. Consult your physician before taking while pregnant or while breast-feeding. If taking daily, do not stop this drug abruptly.

Restrictions On Use. Do not take propranolol if you suffer from chronic lung disease, asthma, diabetes, and certain heart diseases, or if you are severely depressed.

Possible Side Effects. Taken occasionally, propranolol has almost no side effects. Some people may feel a little light-headed, sleepy, short-term memory loss, unusually slow pulse, lethargy, insomnia, diarrhea, cold hands and feet, numbness and/or tingling of fingers and toes.

Dosages Recommended By Investigators. You can take a 20 to 40 mg dose of propranolol as needed about one hour before a stressful situation. If necessary, you can also combine it with imipramine or alprazolam without adverse effects.”

It’s frustrating when What your mental health issues get in the way of you getting help because you have so many co-occurring issues. I think if there is one thing I could approve about the mental health system is more support for people with co-concurrent disorders ( addiction and mental health) . Also funding for mental health is way less than physical health yet more people are on disability due to mental health.

Where I am if you have a physical health problem you can go to the hospital get treatment and it be covered by the government. If you have a mental health issue to get treatment it’s a lot harder, and the really good programs are private and you need insurance and well the people who need help the most don’t have insurance because they are too sick to work. So really the people that can get the best help for Mental Health are the people who are able to function better in society which is not fair but there’s not much that can be done about that. unfortunately mental health issues and addiction can lead to unemployment and even homelessness. There needs to be more emphasis placed on mental health issues because it not only effects the person dealing with it but society as a whole.

Beta blockers for anxiety and how I am feeling today

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