My Obsesssion: Books


I am discovering that  I have an obsession with books, not that I didn’t know that already because love books been reading since I was a kid. Tried to sort through books to donate and my anxiety starts going through the roof. I’m like this with papers to and other stuff as well, and think what if I want to read it again what if I need it.  I kept every textbook from every course I took at university even the ones I dropped yet when given opportunity to give them away to help people in Africa my anxiety gets bad even thinking of giving a few books away. I sorted through part of my book collection and have 4 boxes worth to donate which is only about 1/5 of the books I sorted through most which I haven’t read in years and they are still sitting in boxes.  I know I like control but honestly everything is online now, if I give a book away the world isn’t going to end but it feels like that sometimes.

I am also going to volunteer at the library when they have there giant book sale nothing better then being surrounded by books, though every time I go to a used book sale I can buy a box full of books half which I never read and some which I am donating back to this used book sale.

About RecoveringPinkButterfly

I am struggling in this world. I have PTSD, BPD, Depression, Social Anxiety. I also struggle with an Eating disorder, Addiction, Self harm and have panic attacks. I'm starting to think I might have Asperger's because I've read a lot about that and it would explain a lot of stuff, being a clutz, lack of social skills, taking stuff literally, hating small talk, but able to talk a lot about special interests, lack of eye- contact with the exception of Special Interests. I also struggle with Flashbacks, Nightmares, Body Memories, and been known to dissociate. I like to write and draw, and that is my outlet. I love getting into intellectual conversations. I get obsessed with stuff. I start something and have a hard time stopping until its done, or get obsessed with something for hours and lose track of time. I'm a Hoarder to some degree but not nearly as bad as the one's on tv. I'm hoping to have this site as a place to express myself and my feelings and maybe try to figure myself out. I want to explore myself and find ways to help myself and help others through my story.

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