Addictions and Compulsive behaviours; you may wonder why I choose this title. I believe that no matter what you are addicted to it can still cause damage and pain in your life. The obvious addiction is drugs and alcohol, but I have included eating disorders and Self- harm under the realm of addiction as well, because for me engaging in self harm, my eating disorder and my addiction are very similar. They are all methods to cope with the emotions that I am feeling. Talking about compulsive behaviours, I keep moving around the titles until I get them the way I think they should look, but oh course the perfectionism in me is never satisfied.

In addiction you are always chasing a high that you cannot seem to get, and then you feel guilty and shameful and it cycles all over again. No matter what you are addicted to it’s not a fun place to be. Oh course there are many other addictions that I do not have categories for, gambling, sex, shopping but because those are not my issues I decided not to talk about it because this blog is about using my experience to help raise awareness about particular issues and honestly how can I tell someone what something is like if I have never experienced it myself. So I decided to stick with the addictions that I struggle with myself.

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