Now When you think of Addiction this is what most people think of… substances. I put Drug and Alcohol addiction here because a lot of people see alcohol as separate than other drugs, which I personally think is not true, because as NA says, ” Alcohol is a drug (period). ” Though I also wanted to put alcohol up here instead of just drugs so that if someone is struggling with alcohol they can find something they can relate to. In this sections I will talk about drug addiction (including alcohol) generally and the two links talk about two of my addictions, alcohol and cocaine. There are many different substance out there and many can be addictive. These days there are also a lot of prescription drugs that are addictive as well. A big one being benzodiazepines, which is an anti anxiety med that reacts similar to alcohol. Though people tend to think it’s ok because it’s prescription but like alcohol it’s one of the few drugs that withdrawing off it can kill you.

Another common med that is abused is opiates. Although I do not have much experience with opiates… thank God… I have seen people detox from it and it is not pretty. I remember one time being in the hospital and getting a painkiller and feeling so good, so I know if I started using other painkillers I would probably get addicted to them just like other drugs. Opiate withdrawal won’t kill you but it is not pleasant at all to come down from and many people give into using methadone or Suboxone to help their withdrawal symptoms.

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