Cocaine addiction….

Cocaine is a stimulant and it increases the dopamine levels in your brain to produce a high. Cocaine can be used in different forms, smoking, injecting, and snorting. I am very grateful to say I have never injected a drug, even though I was very close one time but my fear of needles (yes anxiety does pay off sometimes) won over my desire to get high. The form of cocaine that I used the most is crack. Crack is a form of cocaine that you smoke, because it is smoked it enters your system much faster then snorting cocaine does. A crack high is higher than a coke high but the crack high is a lot shorter about 5 minutes, and leaves you chasing for more. It does not take much use of crack for someone to start craving crack. The first night I did it I had no clue what I had used, I was very naïve, but all I knew is it felt good and I wanted more. I even was warned by the girl I used with that if I used this I would want more. I wish I listened.

Once your addicted to cocaine, it’s like your chasing your first high and it never seems to get it, you try to take more but it’s never the same effect because if you are addicted to it you grow tolerant to it and it takes more to receive the same effect if you receive it at all.

Another part of addiction is withdrawal. Cocaine withdrawal is psychological not physical like alcohol or heroin. Cocaine withdrawal can make you suicidal, because the depression low goes down so far. It is a brutal place to be and is not fun.

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