A Panic Attack…. well I figured the best thing to do is describe it from my experience. A panic attack for me happens when I get really anxious. My anxiety builds up I feel a tightness in my chest so much so I feel like I’m going to literally explode if I don’t do something. I want to numb it out to make it go away. A common method for that is alcohol but it the long run it makes the anxiety worse. My heart starts beating really fast, I feel dizzy. It’s hard to breath, I feel like I am dying, though I am not really. The panic attack itself won’t kill me but the stuff I try to do to fix it may. It is exhausting and hard to deal with. It is overwhelming. I start to panic more as it won’t calm down making it worse. I’ve been known to go to the ER because I thought I was having a heart attack when in reality it was just anxiety. It is a horrible feeling. At my worst I have cyclical panic attacks where it’s over and over and I never really calm down. The new med I’m on seems to be helping with that but it’s still hard at time. My fight, flight, freeze response is being activated. That is the part of the brain that is in like most animals, the reptilian part of the brain that is needed for survival. Like if I am in a dangerous situation it helps keep me alive, but when I have a panic attack it is over active and the build up adrenaline happens and I have no way to release it, fight or flee and a lot of times I freeze and it builds up more and more and I feel like I am going to explode. It is a horrible feeling to have, though it’s a survival mechanism but in my brain it is hyper active and gets turned on even when not in danger but I feel like I am.

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