I found a site with common features of Asperger’s and Bolded the stuff I related to personally and wrote in Italics some thoughts.

Common Traits

Social/Communication Traits

Despite a desire for friends, difficulty in initiating or maintaining close relationships Have a huge struggle keeping friends and having close relationships
Problems reading non-verbal or social cues or understanding/using social rules

Very socially naïve and as a result are often taken advantage of, rejected, or bullied
Definitely been taken advantage of and naive
•Social contact may be directed by them (e.g. play is “on their terms” or not at all)
Poor (or intense) eye contact, atypical use of gestures and flat or inappropriate facial expressions basically my eye contact is none existant unless its something I am interested about
•One-sided conversations, and little ability for “small talk”

•May appear overly shy or overly extroverted, but inappropriately so
Unaware of others’ thoughts, feelings or perceptions resulting in inadvertently appearing rude or inconsiderate sometimes this happens to me , I say stuff and people say it’s rude

Literal interpretation of communication from others

Avoidant of social contact or events, and may experience heightened anxiety in social situations
•Language is learned and used in “chunks” (e.g., phrases, dialogue from TV shows, etc.)
•Communication is used for delivering information or requesting, not as a way of interacting socially

Behavioural Traits
May respond poorly to changes, sensory stimuli, transitions, lack of structure, and restrictions
•Repetitive movements (e.g., jumping, rocking, pacing (this is not always but it does happen when I get overwhelmed) and speech (i.e., talking about favourite topics, interest)
•Rigid, inflexible and rule-bound behaviour
•Inappropriate behaviour given the social situation (e.g., speaking too loud- a lot of times my mom tells me to talk quieter when I get excited. in place of worship)
Exaggerated emotional response to situations (e.g., tantrums when asked to something that they don’t want to do) not sure if it’s tantrums really but I can overreact in emotional situations.

•Superior ability to focus on favourite activity or area of interest (e.g., spends hours mastering video game to the exclusion of other pastimes) – Not really one special interest but I get obsessed with stuff and can lose track of time very easily.

Cognitive Traits
Average to superior intelligence people say I’m intelleigent
Detail oriented approach to tasks which may result in missing the “bigger picture”yep this happens get obsessed with the small details of stuff how it works , trying to figure stuff out get stuck on the individual stuff.

•May have associated learning disabilities (e.g., non-verbal learning disability)
•Often have high verbal scores in a cognitive assessment, and low performance scores
•Difficulty seeing “parts-to-whole” and “whole-to-parts” relationships
Prefer technical/factual information over abstract
Much rather learn nonn fiction stuff than fiction

Associated Challenges
Anxiety and depression

•Attentional difficulties (e.g., shifting attention; attending to unimportant stimuli)
•Tics or Tourette Syndrome
Gross and fine motor deficits clumsiness I think falls under this.

•Poor organizational skills (e.g., time management and planning, partializing tasks)


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