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Aspergers Traits In Girls

I looked at a blog that went and explained how the aspergers traits fit with her, and I looked at each trait and then commented on how I relate to them.

Appearance/Personal Health
Dresses comfortably due to sensory issues and practicality’ Will not spend much time on grooming and hair. Hairstyles usually have to be ‘wash and wear’ so me I could care less about my hair, heck sometimes don’t even brush my hair.

‘Eccentric personality; may be reflected in appearance’ not sure about this one.

‘Is youthful for her age, in looks, dress, behaviour and tastes’
A lot of people think that I look younger than I am.

‘Usually a little more expressive in face and gesture than male counterparts’ I am able to communicate .

‘May have many androgynous traits despite an outwardly feminine appearance. Thinks of herself as half male/half female’- maybe was a tomboy as a kid.

May not have a strong sense of identity, and can be very chameleon –like, especially before diagnosis’ so me
Enjoys reading and films as a retreat, often sci-fi, fantasy, children’s, can have favourites which are a refuge’ love to read and watch tv, sci-fi, children’s stuff very common, obsessed with scifi
‘Uses control as a stress management technique: rules, discipline, rigid in certain habits, which will contradict her seeming unconventionality’ – I thrive on structure. My binder in treatment was very neat and tidy and perfectionist , colour coordinated the time table, had a certain order that the dividers were in and would get upset if it was not the right color, also it was in order by the day of the week.

‘Usually happiest at home or in other controlled environment’ again thrive on structure, sometimes hate home but I feel most at home in the basement on my computer with no one to bug me.

‘May have been diagnosed as autistic or Asperger’s when young, or may have been thought of as gifted, shy, sensitive, etc. May also have had obvious or severe learning deficits’ Not diagnosed but seen as gifted, shy,sensitive

Often musical, artistic’artistic for sure
‘May have a savant skill or strong talent’ – not really
‘May have a strong interest in computers, games, science, graphic design, inventing things of a technological and visual nature. More verbal thinkers may gravitate to writing, languages, cultural studies, psychology’
‘May be a self-taught reader, been hyperlexic as a child, and will possess a wide variety of other self-taught skills as well’ I self taught myself math as a kid was ahead of my grade level in math, I taught myself a lot of my reading skills as well

‘May be highly educated but will have had to struggle with social aspects of college. May have one or many partial degrees’ So me struggled the most with social aspects in college but did well academically
‘Can be very passionate about a course of study or job, and then change direction or go completely cold on it very quickly’ This is so me, I change directions in area of study/ career goals all the time.

‘Will often have trouble holding onto a job and may find employment dauntingyes I have a hard time with employment switch jobs a lot can’t keep jobs, issues get in the way of working.

‘Highly intelligent, yet sometimes can be slow to comprehend due to sensory and cognitive processing issues’ yep. starting to realize I am intelligent but takes time to process stuff and hard to communicate answers sometimes when talking.

Will not do well with verbal instruction – needs to write down or draw diagram’ I can do ok with verbal instructions if not a lot but tend to forget stuff if I don’t write it down.

‘Will have obsessions but they are not as unusual as her male counterpart’s’
ya I can see that because my obsessions are the internet, intellectual discussions, psychology, sci fi, all pretty normal

Emotionally immature and emotionally sensitive’ very emotionally sensitive, immature maybe don’t know how to cope with emotions as most people my age.
Anxiety and fear are predominant emotions’
More open to talking about feelings and emotional issues than males with AS’

‘Strong sensory issues – sounds, sights, smells, touch, and prone to overload (less likely to have taste/food texture issues as males)’

light, loud music bothers me, if people touch me I startle easily but this could be due to PTSD. I hate the textures of cottage cheese and bolied eggs.

‘Moody and prone to bouts of depression. May have been diagnosed as bi-polar or manic depressive (common comorbid diagnosis’ of AS/autism) while the AS diagnosis was missed’
Probably given several different prescriptions to treat symptoms. Will be very sensitive to medications and anything else she puts in her body so may have had adverse reactions’ this one not so much but the first anti depressant I was on made me suicidal but that happens with a lot of people.
Stims to soothe when sad or agitated: rocking, face-rubbing, humming, finger flicking, leg bouncing, finger or foot-tapping’ It doesn’t happen often but I start rocking back and forth when I am very very overwhelmed and upset, usually done in privacy. leg bouncing do that all the time when anxious.

‘Similarly physical when happy, hand flapping, clapping, jumping, singing, running around, dancing, bouncing’ I can get really excited to the point that people say to calm down, especially with kids which makes me do well with kids because can be really expressive with hands when excited.

Prone to temper or crying meltdowns, even in public, sometimes over seemingly small things due to sensory or emotional overload’
This happed at alcontrol a lot temper and crying,, a lot of times I would snap over small things, and it was emotional and sensory overload.

‘Hates injustice and hates to be misunderstood, this can incite anger and rage’ hard core into social justice issues but also hate being misunderstood makes me mad known to snap at my mom if she says I did something wrong.

‘Prone to mutism when stressed or upset, especially after a meltdown. Less likely to stutter than male counterparts but may have raspy voice, monotone at times, when stressed or sad’
I’m not so sure about this one, but when I get really really upset I have a hard time talking and expressing myself in words.


‘Word and actions are often misunderstood by others’
Is very outspoken at times, may get very fired up when talking about passions/obsessive interests’ Yes this happens I get really excited when talking about passions, social justice / children more likely to give eye contact.

‘Like her male counterpart, will shut down in social situations once overloaded, but is generally better at socializing in small doses. May even give the appearance of ‘skilled’, but it is a ‘performance’
Yes will shut down in social situations and stop talking to people, also I think of the presentation about eating disorders people said I did a really good job, but I put a lot of effort into it and it was a performance and practiced it a bunch of times ahead of time .

‘Doesn’t go out much. Will prefer to go out with partner only or children if she has them’

Will not have many girlfriends and will not do ‘girly’ things like shopping with them or have get-togethers to ‘hang out’I hate shopping don’t find it interesting, make up seems stupid. Don’t get out with girlfriends much and its never girly things, it’s usually intellectual or emotional conversations.

Will have a close friend or friends in school, but not once in adulthood is reached’ always had hard time making close friends, had one close friend from grade 2-6. In high school knew a lot of people but never close to anyone.

May or may not want to have a relationship. If she is in a relationship, she probably takes it very seriously but she may choose to remain celibate or alone’ want to be in a relationship with a guy but afraid.

If she likes a male, she can be extremely, noticeably awkward in her attempts to let him know, e.g. she may stare when she sees him or call him repeatedly. This is because she fixates and doesn’t understand societal gender roles. This will change with maturity’ My interactions with guy friend seem to indicate this maybe.

Often prefers the company of animals, but not always due to sensory issues’ – Ilove animals they make me happy 😊

So ya I can relate to a lot of these for sure.

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