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My new addiction: Blogging


It seems like my addiction brain is setting in even with this blog. Since I started tonight  I needed to go pee and haven’t wanted to get off because I want to keep blogging, read people’s blogs. Yet it is way past bedtime. I guess Internet addiction is better then drugs and alcohol but I know that was a problem for a while for me when I wasn’t drinking or using before so much so  I saw an addictions counsellor over internet use. That was recommended by my physiatrist who  I no longer see. Haven’t seen a psychiatrist  minus psych ward visit ( but it was useless because I was sneaking out and using and drinking)  for a year and half. The day I got a email saying my physiatrist was sick and could no longer see patients I downed a bottle of wine. So I have a feeling my meds are not where they should be. See a psychiatrist the end of this month  trying to stay sober till then so that he can have a better picture of my mental health.  But anyways I need some sleep need to get off this computer and go to bed.